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Corporate Wellness Programs

Change doesn't come from PowerPoint presentations  filled with inspirational click bait quotes...


...it comes from action.

Designed to directly address the pain we accumulate throughout our daily grind. PAUSE focuses on sore muscles and stressed lives that debilitate us both physically and mentally.





Every element of PAUSE,  has been curated to work synergistic between all parts. One form enhances the other in an "entourage effect", giving flow and support in each segment.


Set to soothing music and soft flowing visuals that cast shadows and light throughout the studio..




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PAUSE : Corporate Wellness Event

Your team can turn your PAUSE experience into an event.

Lodge On Queen

251 Queen St West

Toronto, Ontario


Fitness For The Kid Picked Last In Gym Class

Revenge Gym is an intimate, class focused boutique gym in the Heart of Parkdale, Toronto’s most outrageous neighbourhood. Each program that owner / operator Todd Battle coaches are uniquely his own, infusing his love for creativity and technology along with his  flair for theatrics. The classes focus on a variety of disciplines ranging from strength, endurance and biomechanical symmetry, to the calming flow of our pain management program.

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Live Silent Concerts

It is simply not good enough just to go live, for your audience is no longer passively watching. They are interacting, sharing and guiding the conversation as well as the content in real time. Live Broadcasting has changed so dramatically, that the focus on engaging your audience in a two-way conversation is pivotal to your success.

The Art of Broadcasting

Broadcast and Podcasts

If you really want to take your broadcast production to a professional level, you need the tools and the know-how of the pros. I have the tools, the experience and the studio to take your show to the next level.


With over a decade in media production experience, I have produced over 100 podcasts, numerous live music broadcasts and television productions, as well as event management. My knowledge covers the vast departments in producing, from audio engineering, animated graphic design, story development and production, along with camera operation and lighting set up.


Marie Bodine Podcast on Revenge Gym Radio

Live Sessions

I love to write songs during periods of major change in my life. This is an ever growing, yest slowly developing catalog of songs that I have written over the years. Music and writing songs has always been there when I need it. I believe everyone should learn how to play an instrument. It is the best thing I ever learned.

Project Archives

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old when we stop playing".

- written on the wall at Pursuit OCR

Corporate Participants

The summer of 2017, I had the pleasure to run Camp Pursuit OCR for kids 10-14 as well as opening our daily program to all the other city camps that came as our guest. At times, there were over 100 kids, tearing through Pursuit OCR’s 10,000 sq ft obstacle course, learning new skills and having an active childhood. Each day’s program was filled with engaging physical and creative pursuits such as light-saber training, Nerf  blaster wars, obstacle course races as well as arts and crafts, meditation and movie production. To see one of our Camp Pursuit film productions, check out our videos.


The summer of 2016, we (Marie Bodine and I) were asked by Toronto’s Union Station Revitalization Committee, to bring our unique fitness entertainment program to the outside stage to entertain sightseers and tourist. Each performance ran for over an hour, teaching simple and effective healthy living tips in an entertaining, non-intimidating manner. With my skills in multimedia, I also created engaging advertisements for Union Station’s social media accounts.

34A Noble Street, Toronto, ON, M6K-2C9



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